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All of Momentum’s sessions and classes are 55 minutes.

All private and duet sessions are by appointment only,

please call 434-293-2635 to make an appointment.

Private Pilates Session
A private session provides hands on, individual training with the instructor. Students will use Pilates equipment and incorporate mat work into each session. Private sessions are strongly recommended for beginners, anyone with injury and those looking for an intensive one-on-one.

Duet Pilates Session
In a duet session, the instructor works with two students together. Students will use Pilates equipment and will incorporate mat work into each session.

Bridal Boot Camp
A wedding day only happens once, why not feel and look your best?
The bridal boot camp includes two private sessions and one mat class per week for four weeks. The private sessions are tailored to make you feel and look fabulous in your dress. Be ready to work hard and sweat!

Create Your Own Class
Want to try Pilates and work out with your friends?  Put together a group of your friends, coworkers and/or family and we will tailor a mat class series at any level just for you.  Price per person is dependent on class size and duration.  6-10 week session options are available with class size ranging from 6-14 people.  Your group’s private mat class can be considered during any time there is not a scheduled class going on in the studio.  Every member of the group must pay in full and in advance of the first session.  If you’re interested in learning more or setting up a custom class, please contact the studio for further details.

Youth Programs
Pilates is an excellent method of physical activity creating life-long habits, improving posture and self-confidence, and can do wonders for your sport. Momentum strongly believes that children should be practicing Pilates. We offer a number of youth programs including Summer Boot Camp for Teens, semester-long course of study for young athletes or those wanting another option for P.E., and after school classes. Please call (434)293-2635 for details on what is happening in the studio now.

Grace - Lotus positionHatha Yoga
Hatha Yoga is yogic practice, which is both physical and mental, performed for the purpose of purifying and strengthening one's physical and subtle bodies. Hatha Yoga is a practice that includes Asana (postures) and Pranayama (breathing practices). Yoga helps to build flexibility, strength, and balance and in essence lends to a more compassionate existence.

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“Give the gift of Pilates, gift certificates are available in the studio.”


Mat Schedule

Sept 1st - Jan 2nd


Nov 23rd- Nov 29th
Dec 21st- Jan 1st

Class cancellations due to weather will follow
Charlottesville City School closings

Class Times & Levels


Tuesday  6:00 am Series Class (must sign up)


12:00 pm Pilates

Thursday  6:00 am Series Class (must sign up)

Friday  No Classes
Saturday  9:00 am Pilates Mat
Sunday  No classes
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Mat classes are the foundation of the Pilates Method.
These are group classes where students use their body to
create resistance. Mat classes are challenging
and provide a great Pilates workout.

No reservations are necessary.

Get your Pilates workout in first thing with our Morning Joe Series:  A variety of levels and some challenging extras using equipment on the mat.

Need a mid-day recharge?  Try a class from our Power Lunch Series:  A high octane cardio infused  Barre class guaranteed to keep you going for the rest of the day, a Pilates workout to lengthen and recharge, or try our restorative yoga class to re-center and invigorate.

To get a stretch and de-stress before you head home, try our After Work Teaser Series: classes run at 5:30 PM throughout the week and offer a wide array of class options.

Can’t get enough during the week?  Come to the studio on Saturday or Sunday for our Weekend Powerhouse Series: Morning and afternoon classes offer something for everyone.

For in depth class descriptions see below:

Pilates Mat
These classes are designed with everyone in mind, and will honor the original mat practice of Joseph Pilates, including working the progression of movement of the body by following his classical order of exercises. Students of all levels will work out alongside one another on the mats, and each receives a challenging workout. Classes will use the classical mat vocabulary and may incorporate the magic circle, physio ball, flex ball, foam roller, thera-bands and/or weights at the instructor’s discretion.

Pilates Mat II is geared toward those with previous Pilates experience.

Pilates with Props will explore the above mentioned “props” and how they can be used with the mat exercises. All levels of experience are welcome.

Pilates & Barre simply combines elements from both Pilates and barre. Some barre work, including balance/stability and small precision exercises, will be folded in with the classical Pilates exercises. Props may be used during the class. No previous experience in Pilates, barre or dance is needed, as all levels of experience are welcome.

New clients who are injury free are welcome to join Pilates Mat classes. However, if you are new to Pilates or the studio and do not want to start in a class setting or if you have an injury or special need, we strongly recommend starting with a private session.


Yoga Flow

Our Yoga class is a Hatha Yoga based practice designed to restore and balance the body and mind.  It is inclusive of flowing asanas as well as restorative holds.  This class is open to all levels, even if you have never tried a yoga class.  Yoga is a great compliment to an existing Pilates practice.



Series Classes

The “Series Classes” at Momentum are groups of classes reflecting certain topics. They are not an open class in the sense that anyone can drop in, as dates and cost will be set in advance and require signing up. Please ask for more information.



Private and duet lessons are available on the apparatus or the mat by appointment, and custom group classes can be arranged by calling the studio. Gift certificates are available. Classes are 50-55 minutes long.


NOTE: If you have any injuries, we recommend starting with a private lesson.


Single class: $16.00
Seniors/Students: $14.00

Discount CLASS Packages Available Upon Request


We will be following Charlottesville City Schools when checking for CLASS Cancellation's Due to Bad Weather



To help our studio run efficiently, please note our studio policies. Thank you in advance.

24 Hour Notice Required
Cancellations/rescheduling must be made 24 hours in advance or you will be charged
for that session.  This applies to privates & semi-private sessions only. Mat class cards
have a 14-week expiration date.

Payment and Scheduling Policy
Payment and scheduling will be handled at the start of your session. 
The studio accepts cash, checks and Visa/MasterCard.

Cell Phones
Kindly have cell phones turned off, unless you are waiting for an emergency call.
In this case please keep your phone on vibrate and with you.

Studio Area
Kindly remove your shoes before entering the workout area.  Personal items and shoes may be
stored in the cubbies.  Please wipe down equipme
nt after use, and respect it by not putting bags
and other personal items down on the equipment.

Comfortable workout clothing recommended.
No shoes.

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Private Session $75
Duet Package $45/$90

Mat Classes
Single Mat Class $16
Single Mat Senior/Student $14
5 Class Card $75

5 Class Card Senior/Student $65

Series Class $35

10 Private Sessions $670
10 Private Sessions Student/Senior $620
5 Private Sessions $340
5 Private Sessions Student Senior $315
Bridal Boot Camp $550

New Client Special: 3 sessions for $175
can only be used once.

“Give the gift of Pilates, gift certificates are available in the studio.”

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